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Student Growth

Michigan Law indicates  that teacher evaluations take into account student growth and assessment data. Student growth must be measured using multiple measures that may include student learning objectives, achievement of individualized education program goals, national normed or locally developed assessments that are aligned to state standards, research-based growth measures, or alternative assessments that are rigorous and comparable across schools within the school district. For the 2016-17 school year, 25% of the annual year end evaluation shall be based on student growth and assessment data. Some of the assessments available for student growth that are used by the district are listed below.

NWEA Test Growth Ratings

MSTEP Testing Information

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In order to determine student growth in an SLO, teachers need several years of testing information to designate how much each student should progress depending on their starting point from a pre-assessment. If that information is not available, teachers use the growth gap reduction score as a generic way to determine student growth. Follow the link below to view the process used to calculate student growth using the growth gap reduction score method in an SLO.



Teacher Growth Plans/Individual Development Plans

Michigan Law indicates that each year teacher evaluations shall included specific performance goals that will assist the teacher in improving effectiveness for school year. Performance goals are developed by the administration in consultation with the teacher.  Teachers rated effective or highly effective will develop one or more performance goals from the evaluation rubric. First year teachers or teachers with a rating less than effective will need to create an Individualized Development Plan (IDP). The templates below assist in the development of these goals.

Mendon Professional Growth Plan Template

Mendon Individualized Development Plan Template



Training Materials

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