TORNADO WATCH – When a tornado watch is in effect, the District will continue normal activities but move recess and physical education activities indoors. Each building and department shall designate someone to be responsible for continuously monitoring the watch while students are in the building or on the premises. School will not be dismissed early and dismissal time will be at the regular time even if the watch is still in effect.

TORNADO WARNING – When a tornado warning is in effect, staff will proceed with all students to the predesignated tornado shelter areas and remain there with the students until further notice. Disabled students who need assistance are to be assisted by the person designated to assist them for building evacuations. No student shall be allowed out of his/her designated area unless his/her parent comes to the school and requests that the student be released. A student is to be released only to his/her parents.

Questions regarding district information:
Please contact Leasa Griffith-Mathews at 269-496-8491 or email

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