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Mendon Middle/High School

Mendon Middle High School serves approximately 360 students in grades 6 through 12 . If you would like a tour of the building or information about the school, please contact the building secretary, Jan Griffith, at 269-496-8491.

Recent News

Math Day

Trigonometry and Calculus students attended Math Day at Comerica Park on May 16th.  Thank you to Shane & Dawn Griffith, American Metal Fab, Inc., and Jody Haas McKee in honor of Kit Haas for your donations through the Mendon Community Schools Foundation that made this trip possible.

Students attended Math Day at Comerica Park



NHS Students at the Memorial Day Parade

NHS students at Memorial Day parade

NHS students at Special Olympics

NHS Students were involved in several volunteer events during the month of May, including decorating bikes for the Memorial Day Parade and the Special Olympics.

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