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Mendon Middle/High School

Mendon Middle High School serves approximately 360 students in grades 6 through 12 . If you would like a tour of the building or information about the school, please contact the building secretary, Jan Griffith, at 269-496-8491.

Recent News

2018 Winter Homecoming Court

Congratulations to the 2018 Winter Homecoming Court!

Duchess:  Hannah Duchene,  Andrea Hoffman,  Nicole Parsons,  Anna Smith

Duke:  Leonardo Barbosa,  Jackson Crotser,  Max Eberstein,  Bodhi Miller

Queen:  Crystal Acre,  Libby Gilbert,  Ciera Kline,  Lauren Lash

King:  Lukas Croster,  Cole Decker,  Jared Goodman,  Tyler Monroe

Middle School Change War

From November 6th through November 21st, the Middle School Federation and High School Senate held a Change War competition to see which grades could earn the most “loose change” for Keystone Place in Centreville. Together, the students raised $564!!! Wow!!!

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